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2023-2024 University Catalog 
2023-2024 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bilingual Authorization: 6 units

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Offered by: College of Education and Integrative Studies, Education Department

The Bilingual Authorization is an added authorization to a California Multiple Subject or Single Subject teaching credential. A Bilingual Authorization allows teachers to teach in public schools’ bilingual programs, and so, develop students’ first and second languages in the subjects and grade levels authorized by their credentials. Teachers who have completed our Bilingual Program have an exceptional understanding of first and second language acquisition and of culturally sustaining pedagogies. Bilingual teachers are in high demand in our region’s Dual Language Immersion programs. Many are also hired to teach, and provide expert support, to second language learners in the mainstream English programs.

Our Bilingual Authorization program prepares English-Spanish bilingual teachers on site at Cal Poly Pomona. We collaborate with other campuses participating in the CSU Asian Bilingual Teacher Education Program Consortium to prepare English-Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) teachers via online courses.

Our program has two pathways. The pre-credential Bilingual Authorization program pathway, for candidates who are concurrently earning a primary Multiple or Single Subject credential and a Bilingual Authorization, and the post-credential pathway, for teachers who already possess valid California credentials (with English Learner Authorizations). The application process and course of study for each pathway is distinct. Each pathway is described in the Bilingual Program’s webpage:

Admissions Process

The following information about the Bilingual Program admissions process can also be found on the Bilingual Program webpage:

  1. Pre-Credential Bilingual Candidates
    1. Complete the Program Orientation for pre-credential bilingual candidates (online, on program webpage or face-to-face with Bilingual Coordinator).
    2. Schedule an entrance interview with the Bilingual Coordinator, and complete diagnostic evaluations in reading and writing in Spanish, Mandarin or Cantonese (Simplified or Traditional Chinese).
    3. Complete and submit the Bilingual Program Entrance Essay in Spanish or Chinese.

Prospective bilingual teacher candidates may apply to the bilingual authorization program at the same time as they apply to the credential program of their choice, or they may add the bilingual authorization program to their course of study upon completion of a “change of objective” form, available at the Credential Services Office in the Education Department. Candidates applying to a credential program and the bilingual authorization program at the same time must complete the steps above by the deadline for the submission of the credential application packet. Those adding the bilingual authorization program after admission to a credential program need to do so in consultation with the Bilingual Coordinator.

  1. Post-Credential Bilingual Candidates

There are varied ways for teachers with valid California Multiple or Single Subject teaching credentials (with English Learner Authorizations) to add a Bilingual Authorization.  Interested teachers should contact the Bilingual Coordinator, or visit the Bilingual Program webpage for guidelines:

Coursework and Testing Requirements

Complete coursework to meet the Bilingual Authorization’s “Culture Requirement”:

  1. Ethnic and Women’s Studies (EWS) course in the cultures of focus (select):
    1. Spanish-English Bilingual Candidates: Choose either EWS 2020 - Chicana/o and Latina/o Historical Experience (3)  or EWS 4020 - Contemporary Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies (3)  .
    2. Mandarin- or Cantonese-English Bilingual Candidates take EWS 3010 - Ethnic Identity (3) .
  2. Research on Childhoods: Independent Research in consultation with Bilingual Coordinator.

Complete coursework to meet the Bilingual Authorization’s “Methods Requirement”:

  1. Bilingual Methods course.
    1. Spanish-English Bilingual Candidates take EDU 5400 - Teaching and Learning in Spanish-English Bilingual Settings (3)  . (Note: Post-credential candidates complete additional field hours and assignments while take EDU 5400  ).
    2. Mandarin- or Cantonese-English Bilingual Candidates: Choose either Chinese methods course at collaborating CSU, or pass Mandarin or Cantonese CSET Section IV.

Complete the Bilingual Authorization’s “Language Requirement”:

  1. Pass the Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese CSET Subtest III. For more information on CSET language examinations, go to
    1. Pre-credential bilingual candidates: provide evidence of passing CSET III before applying for Clinical Practice.
    2. Post-credential bilingual candidates: provide evidence of passing language CSET III at time of application, or request provisional admission. Note: No one can be recommended for a Bilingual Authorization until documentation of successful language CSET III is provided.

Clinical Practice (for pre-credential bilingual candidates only)

  1. During Clinical Practice, candidates are placed in a bilingual setting and supervised by a bilingual supervisor. They spend part of the semester teaching mainly in English, and the other part teaching mainly in the partner language (Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese).
    1. In many Single Subject content areas, bilingual placements are rare or non-existent. In such cases, bilingual candidates are placed in monolingual English instructional settings must complete one additional portfolio assignment.     
  2. Complete Bilingual Practice Reflections in consultation with the Bilingual Coordinator. These consist of analyses of teaching and learning in classrooms serving bilingual students.
  3. Internship program participation: Bilingual candidates may complete internships if they are working in bilingual programs as bilingual teachers.

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