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2023-2024 University Catalog 
2023-2024 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Dale Turner, Chair

David Adams
Corwin Aragon
John Z. Ding
Itzel Garcia
Katherine L. Gasdaglis
Brian Kim
Alex Madva
Peter Ross
Christine Weiseler

The Philosophy Department has organized its programs to connect the traditional concerns of philosophy with the directions and needs of contemporary society. Philosophy instruction enhances skills which are crucial for success in a wide range of professions, in particular critical thinking skills (analytical and reasoning skills) and verbal skills (skills in writing and oral presentation). The Department offers both major and minor programs.

The Law and Society Option under the Philosophy Major, in addition to providing a solid background in philosophy, includes courses which apply critical thinking skills to moral, social, and political issues in the law, medicine, the environment, and education.

The study of moral and political philosophy, especially, equips students with the tools needed to analyze legal or moral concepts and arguments, and to work toward reasonable solutions to societal problems. This Option offers excellent preparation for those planning careers in law, business, urban planning, and human services.

The Philosophy Major without the Law and Society Option fosters the critical thinking skills involved in careful analysis and reasoning, as well as the synthetic skills involved in attempting to achieve the best broad view possible within a distinct area of inquiry (for example, in the natural sciences or in cognitive science) or in general. Such skills in reasoning and synthesis are crucial in a wide range of professions; in fact, such high-level cognitive skills are often precisely what employers value most.

The Philosophy Department also offers a minor in Philosophy. The Philosophy minor enables students majoring in other disciplines to gain critical insight with respect to the perspectives, assumptions, and values underlying their primary discipline. The flexibility of the minor makes it adaptable to a variety of specific vocational and professional interests.


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