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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Intern Credential Program: 36-45 units

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Offered by: College of Education and Integrative Studies, Education Department

The Department of Education offers a Teacher Intern Program in partnership with school districts and approved educational agencies in the area. The teacher intern program is intensive and may last anywhere from one semester up to two years, leading to a Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Credential, or Education Specialist Mild to Moderate or Extensive Support Needs Preliminary Credential. The main difference with this program is the the school district or approved educational agency employs the credential candidate as the teacher of record, while the teacher intern is completing the requirements of their preliminary teaching credential.

Cal Poly Pomona does not solicit intern-teaching employment opportunities. The Teacher Intern program is provided as an alternative credential path and as service to school districts and educational agencies that are unable to find a fully credentialed teacher for a specific teaching assignment. Candidates wishing to search for an intern teaching opportunity need to meet requirements of the Intern program to determine if an “Intern Eligible” letter can be provided for use in contacting school districts and educational agencies.

Students interested in becoming Intern eligible must review the Teacher Intern Program Orientation power point, meet the prerequisites listed on the Teacher Intern Program website and have a successful interview with the Intern program director prior to receiving an “Intern Eligible” letter . 

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS - In addition to the program-admission requirements described under the type of credential sought, and meeting the prerequisites of the Teacher Intern program, applicants must after they have met the Intern program eligibility, present a bona fide contract offer of employment from a school district to teach in a classroom appropriate to the credential sought. Per program policy, non-public school sites (NPS) are not acceptable for education specialist internship teaching employment. In addition, employment at private schools or religiously affiliated schools cannot be used for the teacher intern credential route.

After the first semester of Intern Clinical Practice, if further courses or testing requirements remain, enrollment in EDU 5421 Extended Intern Supervision  will be required in order to receive continued university supervision, support and guidance. Extended Intern Supervision consists of 3-4 visits from the University Supervisor each semester; a minimum of one of those visits must be face to face. Interns will receive this continued level of supervision each semester, until: 1) all requirements for the preliminary credential have been met or 2) the intern credential expires or 3) employment as a teacher intern ends.

All program requirements as outlined for the desired credential must be met to complete the Intern Teaching Credential program.

Please check with the Teacher Intern Program website for the most current information regarding state regulations and university requirements that govern the Intern program since requirements are subject to change.


*Required if extended supervision is necessary to remain in compliance with intern program, employment and CTC requirements.

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