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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kinesiology, M.S.: 30 units

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Offered by: College of Science, Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department

Lara Killick, Graduate Coordinator (lkillick@cpp.edu)

The curriculum matrix for the degree program may be found here. The curriculum matrix is the alignment of courses (curriculum) with the desired goals and student learning outcomes of the program. It shows what is taught and how these outcomes are achieved through the completion of the degree program.


The Master of Science in Kinesiology is planned to provide the student with an opportunity to improve professional competencies within a chosen area of specialization. Experiences will be provided to enhance the analytical and critical tools for research and decision-making. The student will be provided with a frame of reference that will aid in understanding today’s problems in the profession.

A candidate for the Master of Science in Kinesiology will be required to choose among three areas of emphasis: Adapted Physical Education; Curriculum and Instruction; Exercise Physiology.

The Adapted Physical Education emphasis is designed to ensure that students have opportunities to develop a broad educational and philosophical background on which to base their APE program decisions. In addition, students observe, experience and study a variety of theories and methodologies employed in teaching physical education to individuals with a disability. Housed in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion is the Motor Development Clinic which provides graduate students with research and training opportunities.

The Curriculum and Instruction emphasis serves students and teachers who are involved in public and private education. In addition to maximizing teacher effectiveness, this area benefits education supervisors and those who are interested in teaching at the becoming master teachers through ideas, strategies, and skills in teaching and developing assessment concepts. 

The Exercise Physiology emphasis incorporates coursework that entails applied laboratory experiences, standard lecture and seminar components. The program offers students a strong foundation in exercise science that will empower them to be successful in clinical, educational and fitness fields. The program also prepares students for more-advanced education in exercise physiology. In addition to exercise science coursework, students may also incorporate courses in biochemistry, nutrition and biology in their program.

All KHP graduate students, regardless of their emphasis, must complete one of three culminating experiences: Thesis, Project, or Comprehensive exams. In addition, all KHP graduate students have the opportunity to select elective courses from within the department as well as from other graduate programs within the university.

Admission to the Program

An applicant for admission to this program must have received a baccalaureate degree in kinesiology or a related discipline from an accredited institution. A student with a baccalaureate degree in a major other than kinesiology or a related discipline may be admitted subject to review of the student’s academic background, performance and interests by the Graduate Coordinator.

An undergraduate minimum grade point average of 2.8 (overall). Additionally, the following course prerequisites with a grade of B or higher must be completed prior to admission to the program.

  • Basic Biology with Laboratory
  • Human Anatomy with Laboratory
  • Human Physiology with Laboratory
  • Exercise Physiology with Laboratory
  • Introduction to Biomechanics with Laboratory
  • Introduction to Statistics

The KHP Graduate Coordinator will review an applicant not meeting these admission criteria.  If the Coordinator approves, the applicant will be admitted conditionally.

The conditions, including the time allowed for meeting them, will be stated in writing at the time the applicant is admitted to the university. One condition will be completion of KIN 5900 Applied Inquiry and Research Design  with a grade of B or better.

Each graduate student will be assigned the Graduate Coordinator as their KHP Faculty Advisor. The student, in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator, will develop a program of study based on the individual’s interests and preparation. This program of study (also referred to as a “graduate contract”) will include required core courses, area of emphasis courses, and appropriate elective courses. All programs will be reviewed and approved by the Graduate Studies Analyst.

Graduate Conditionally Classified

A person may be admitted to a graduate degree or credential program in this category if, in the opinion of appropriate campus authority, he/she can remedy deficiencies by additional coursework but otherwise satisfies all other university requirements for admission. All prerequisites must be specified by the admitting department at the time of student admission. Academic departments are responsible for tracking conditionally admitted students and must report their academic progress to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and the Graduate Studies Office via a memo on a term basis. Students admitted conditionally will not be allowed to concurrently register for graduate courses that are required for the completion of their projected graduate or professional program. To comply with both existing federal regulations and CSU system policy, conditionally admitted students’ financial aid is limited to private loans. Once all deficiencies are resolved and unconditional status is granted by Cal Poly Pomona, students may be eligible for federal and state aid. Conditional admission does not guarantee unconditional admission to a program.

Major Electives: 14 units

Any combination of courses listed below will satisfy the required 14 units. Emphases are listed to provide guidance for helping students to choose courses of interest that best fit your career goals, but there is no requirement for choosing a specific emphasis for fulfilling these units.

Culminating Experience: 2 units

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