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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological Science, M.S.: 30 units

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Offered by: College of Science, Biological Sciences Department

The Master of Science degree program in the Biological Sciences enhances the knowledge and competence of the student in the chosen field of specialization and develops potential for continuing self-directed study and research. The curriculum is designed to increase the student’s knowledge of the discipline by providing theoretical, technical and practical studies. It also provides students with training in the use of research techniques, as well as familiarity with the critical evaluation of, and the use of scientific literature. Graduate study specializations may be elected in the disciplines of the biological sciences: biology, biotechnology, botany, environmental biology, microbiology and zoology.




*BIO 6800  must have different topics.

Major Electives: 19 units

A maximum of 8 units may be taken at the 4000 level. BIO 4000 , BIO 4410 , BIO 4610 , and BIO 4620  may not be used.

A maximum of 1 unit of BIO 6800  may be applied to Major Electives. This BIO 6800  must have a different topic from BIO 6800  courses applied to Major Required courses.

3 units may be any combination of the following three courses:

Possible Electives

BIO 4990 /BIO 4990L  and BIO 5990 /BIO 5990L  may be taken more than once if the course topics are different. Courses from other departments may be considered on an individual case basis.

Culminating Experience: 2 units

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