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2012-2013 University Catalog (Revised 2012-10-02) 
2012-2013 University Catalog (Revised 2012-10-02) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hospitality Management Minor

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Offered by: Collins College of Hospitality Management

The objectives of the Minor in Hospitality Management are 1) to allow students in majors other than Hospitality Management to develop marketable skills for application in the hospitality industry and 2) to allow students to explore the unique application of business skills and knowledge to management practices in customer-driven service industries.

This minor is primarily designed for students in Foods and Nutrition Department and any College of Business majors who may wish to develop adjunct skills that will complement their major course of study and prepare them to pursue careers in the hospitality industry. The Minor in Hospitality Management will prepare students to be successful, in any customer-oriented industry in which service is the intangible product.

The Hospitality Management Minor requires 29 units for completion.

Prerequisite courses: 17 units and completion of MAT 12  or higher
Core courses: 17 units
Support courses: 12 units
Total credits: 29 units

Total required for program: 29 units

Hospitality Emphasis (Choose any 12 units):

Prerequisites must be met for all courses.

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