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2012-2013 University Catalog (Revised 2012-10-02) 
2012-2013 University Catalog (Revised 2012-10-02) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Quantitative Research Minor

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Offered by: Cal Poly Pomona, University Interdisciplinary Programs

The Quantitative Research Minor may be taken by students having any major in the University other than Mathematics. This is particularly appropriate for students having majors in the following areas: Operations Management, Marketing Management, Food Marketing and Agri-Business Management, Animal Science, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Kinesiology, Biological Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning. The minor is intended to prepare students to perform quantitative analyses within their area of interest by providing the working knowledge required in statistics, principles of experimental design, survey and data analysis techniques. This includes learning to understand and use some of the statistical software packages available on computers. Students are expected to complete a project in their major having a significant quantitative component.

The project is jointly directed by the Statistics Coordinator and a faculty advisor selected from the student’s own department. Through such experience our graduates become more able and prepared to perform quantitative studies in their chosen field of employment. For more information students may contact any of the following reference sources: Dr. D. S. Gill (Statistics Coordinator), Dr. John Korey (Political Science), Dr. David Horner (Psychology and Sociology), Dr. Ralph Miller (Technology and Operations Management), Dr. Vernon Stauble (Marketing Management), Dr. Richard Willson (Urban and Regional Planning), Dr. David Moriarty (Biological Sciences), Dr. Anne E. Bresnock (Economics), Dr. Wanda Rainbolt (Kinesiology and Health Promotion) or Nancy Merlino (Food Marketing and Agribusiness Management).

Total required for program: 27-32 units

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