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2012-2013 University Catalog (Revised 2012-10-02) 
2012-2013 University Catalog (Revised 2012-10-02) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Added Authorization

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Offered by: College of Education and Integrative Studies, Education Department

This university offers both a local certificate and the CTC Added-Authorization in Autism Spectrum Disorders (AASE) onto a basic credential. The program is offered through the College of the Extended University for teachers currently in the field. This program is only offered as a fully online program.

Teacher candidates in the Education Specialist Level I program have these competencies embedded in their program and do not required the added authorization.

This program allows holders of Levels I and II Mild/Moderate and other credentials to work with K-12 students (up through age 22) with autism spectrum disorders. The added authorization in ASD is required by California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for teachers who (1) work with students with autism spectrum disorders; and (2) have any of the following credentials:

  1. Level I or Level II Mild/Moderate credential
  2. Level I or Level II Deaf and Hard of Hearing credential
  3. Level I or Level II Visual Impairments credential
  4. Level I or Level II Physical and Health Impairments credential
  5. The no-long offered Learning Handicapped (LH), Physical Handicaps (PH), Communication Handicaps (CH), Visual Handicaps (VH) credentials (Ryan)

Teachers in the above categories do not need the Added Authorization unless they are specifically working with (or want to be qualified to work with) students with autism spectrum disorders, or if required for employment. The AASE remains valid as long as the prerequisite credential remains valid.

Please consult the College of the Extended University for additional information including registration.

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