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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

American Cultural Perspectives Requirement

The American Cultural Perspectives Requirement is a graduation requirement. Courses satisfying this requirement may be part of either a student’s General Education program, major, or minor. These courses may also be taken as electives. This requirement will not constitute an additional unit load on the degree requirements of students in any program. This requirement was implemented fall quarter, 1995.

To satisfy this requirement a student must take at least one four-unit course. Courses that meet the American Cultural Perspectives Requirement should satisfy all of the following criteria:

Introduce theoretical perspectives and nonwestern/nontraditional approaches for studying gender, ethnicity, and class.

Include the study of at least one other marker of social difference, such as sexual orientation, religious affiliation, national origin, etc.

Include substantive materials (books/films/lectures/articles/etc.) by and/or about members of at least two of the following socio-cultural groups: African Americans, Native Americans, Chicano/Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islands Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, and European/white ethnic Americans.

Address intra-cultural differences as well as inter-cultural commonalities between groups that collectively represent the American population. The commonalities and differences may be examined by focusing on diverse cultural practices, environmental ethics, political histories, religious beliefs, or means of artistic expression.

The following courses have been approved to satisfy this requirement