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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE)

The Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE) curriculum provides an integrated approach to learning about literature, humanities, social sciences, and the arts.  Founded in 1983, one of the longest running university GE programs in the state, IGE offers students a unique and stimulating choice to fulfill their general education requirements. At the heart of IGE lies the concept of an integrated core: a curriculum that explores human experience across the multiple perspectives of different disciplines. The IGE Program introduces participants to different ways of examining concepts and ideas, fostering a connective ability–a power to see all knowledge as interrelated. Ernest Boyer explains: “As students see how the content of one course relates to that of others, they begin to make connections, and in so doing gain not only a more integrated view of knowledge, but also a more authentic view of life.”

IGE is an alternative pattern to satisfy 32 units of the University GE requirements. Students should see an advisor for specific GE coursework required by their major. Students must be exempt from or score at least 147 on the EPT to qualify for IGE.

The eight course sequence has the following common goals:

Learning Outcomes

  • Communication skills and critical thinking.
  • Historical and social consciousness.
  • Multicultural understanding.
  • Understanding aesthetic experiences.
  • Articulation of values.
  • Information literacy.
  • Active student learning.

Students must complete an IGE yearly sequence, beginning with the first year, to earn general education credit. Single IGE classes do not fulfill GE requirements. Students who choose to leave IGE and complete the University General Education pattern should do so only at the end of a yearly sequence, e.g. after IGE 122  or IGE 222 . Students leaving IGE should seek advisement on how to fulfill remaining general education requirements.

The IGE program is open to any qualified student or undergraduate department wishing to adopt it as an option, and is the recommended pattern for Engineering, Architecture, and Liberal Studies majors. Students may substitute AP credit for up to 2 courses in the IGE Program. For more information, see departmental advisors or the IGE Program Chair.

Please refer to the University Programs section in this catalog for IGE course descriptions.

Total required for program: 32 units

How IGE fulfills General Education Requirements:

Year Completion of IGE Courses Satisfies GE Requirements
Freshman IGE 120 , IGE 121 , IGE 122  A2 as well as any 2 courses from C1-C3
Sophomore IGE 220 , IGE 221 , IGE 222  D1 (8 units) and D3
Junior IGE 223 , IGE 224  D2 and Area E


Remaining GE to be completed. See your major department for advisement:

Areas A1 and A3
Area B (16 units)
Area C4 and remaining course from C1, C2 or C3
Area D4