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2024-2025 University Catalog 
2024-2025 University Catalog

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

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Camille Su-Lin Johnson, Dean
David Horner, Associate Dean
Brianne Dávila, Associate Dean

The College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences advances knowledge and learning in established academic disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and performing arts. It provides introductory and advanced course work in more than 20 degree and certificate programs.

The College also provides courses that substantially make up the General Education curriculum required of all students. These courses provide a foundation of knowledge of the cultural, social, political, ethical, and economic worlds. The College provides curricular support of the University’s considerable teacher-education function. In all its programs, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences serves the goals of the University to provide for the intellectual, personal, and professional development of each person and for the enrichment of the communities it serves outside the University. In pursuit of these objectives, Bachelor’s degree programs and minors are offered in the performing arts, Humanities, and Behavioral and Social Sciences.  Master’s degrees are offered in Economics, English, History, Psychology, and Public Administration. Through its curriculum, research activities, arts performances, and other humane activity, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences promotes activity integral to processes of inquiry, creativity, learning, and teaching.

In accord with the mission of a comprehensive polytechnic university “preparing students for life, leadership, and careers in a changing, multicultural world,” the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences seeks to equip students with lifelong learning skills enabling them more effectively to challenge problems of extraordinary social, technical, and human complexity. These skills include creative and critical thinking, methods of both quantitative and qualitative inquiry, the application of theory to practice, learning through performance-based activities in the humanities, arts and social sciences, and the integration of mind and body in health and wellness activity. In furthering its mission of promoting learning and teaching as broad-based, ongoing, and shared processes, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences supports initiatives that further the professional development of faculty and staff, that engage students and faculty in active collaboration in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge, and that integrate the arts, sciences, and technologies. The College thus advances collegiality not only among the various segments of the University, but also with the local and global communities it serves. It promotes access of underrepresented student populations to its programs, resources, and services.

The College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences offers 12 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 4 Bachelor of Science degrees, 1 Bachelor of Music degree, 22 minors, 3 Certificates of Proficiency, 2 Master of Science degrees, 2 Master of Arts degrees, and a Master of Public Administration.  With other colleges in the University, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences participates in continuing education in support of the concept of lifelong learning. To promote increased multicultural understanding, the College encourages students to investigate opportunities for overseas study through the International Center. For further information about these programs, please contact the individual department.

Departments and Majors/Minors


Jason Turcotte, Chair; Communication major (BS), Subplans in Communication Studies, Multimedia Journalism, and Public Relations; Communication Studies minor, Multimedia Journalism minor; Public Relations minor.


Bruce Brown, Chair; Economics major (BS), Subplans in Applied Economic, General Economics, Quantitative Economics; Master of Science in Economics (MS); Economics minor.

English and Modern Languages

Kent Dickson, Chair; English major (BA), Subplans in English Education, Applied Language, and Literary Studies; Master of Arts in English (MA), Subplans in Rhetoric/Composition, Literature Studies, and Teaching English as a Second Language; English minor; Spanish major (BA); Spanish minor; French minor; Chinese minor; German Studies for the Professions Certificate.

Ethnic and Women’s Studies

Jocelyn Pacleb, Chair; Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies (BA), Subplans in GEMS and Pre-Credential; African American Studies Minor; Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies Minor; Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies Minor; Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor; Multicultural Leadership Studies Interdisciplinary Minor; Native American Studies Minor.

Geography and Anthropology

Kelly Huh, Chair; Anthropology major (BS), Subplans in General Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, and Archaeology; Geography major (BS), Subplans in Environmental Studies, Geospatial Analysis, and Geographic Studies; Anthropology minor; Geography minor.


Daniel Lewis, Chair; History major (BA), Subplans in History and Pre-Credential; Master of Arts in History (MA); History minor.


David Kopplin, Chair; Music major (BA), Subplans in General Music, Music Education (Pre-Credential), and Music Industry Studies; Music major (BM), Subplans in Composition, Pedagogy (Pre-credential), and Performance; Music minor.


Dale Turner, Chair; Philosophy major (BA), Subplans in General Philosophy and Law and Society; Science, Technology, and Society major (BA); Philosophy minor; Science, Technology, and Society minor.

Political Science

Mario Guerrero, Chair; Political Science major (BA); Master of Public Administration (MPA); Political Science minor.


____________, Chair; Psychology major (BA); Master of Science in Psychology (MS); Psychology minor.


Anjana Narayan, Chair; Criminology major (BA), Sociology major (BA), Subplans in General Sociology and Social Work; Criminology minor; Sociology minor; Social Work minor.

Theatre and New Dance

Sarah Krainin, Chair; Theatre major (BA), Subplans in Acting, Dance Theatre, General Theatre, Theatre in Education and Community Engagement, and Design and Technical Production; Theatre minor; Dance minor.


Minor in Nonviolence Studies

Minor in Nonviolence Studies

The interdisciplinary Minor in Nonviolence Studies provides students an opportunity to learn about philosophical, cultural, and literary traditions of nonviolence and the histories of nonviolent change. Designed to serve as a complimentary emphasis to any Major, this interdisciplinary Minor provides students additional career options such as business sector jobs in human resources, industrial and labor relations and conflict management, and public sector positions in community service agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, the minor serves the professional needs of the future school teachers. 

For a full description of this Minor, see link, Programs for this College, below. For questions, contact the faculty advisor and coordinator for the Minor, aishwaryk@cpp.edu or 909-869-3960.




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