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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Urban and Regional Planning

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Richard W. Willson, Chair

Felix R. Barreto Courtney Knapp
Julianna Delgado Jerry V. Mitchell
Alvaro Huerta Gwendolyn H. Urey
Do-Hyung Kim  

Professionals in Urban and Regional Planning work to guide change in the natural and built environment. They address a wide range of issues ranging from habitat conservation to historic preservation, from transportation to recreation, and from neighborhood housing to regional shopping centers. Planning students learn about economic, legal, political, ecological, and social aspects of urban problems as well as urban design, land use, and the growth of human settlements. Throughout the program, students study real-life issues and develop solutions to them, using cutting-edge technology such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). By the time they graduate, planning students are ready to apply current planning theories and methods to improve communities around California, the nation, and the world.

All undergraduate and graduate students entering College of Environmental Design majors are required to purchase a computer that meets departmental specifications. Applicants are invited to check with their department office or go to the department’s website to obtain these specifications. Financial aid assistance for this computer purchase is available to students qualifying for Federal Student Aid (requested via the FAFSA application). Please contact the University’s Office of Financial Aid (909-869-3700) for additional information.

The Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. For information about the graduate program in Urban and Regional Planning, see the Graduate Studies section of this catalog.

Interdisciplinary Geographic Information Systems Minor

The Interdisciplinary GIS minor can be taken by students majoring in engineering, business, environmental design, science, education, agriculture, or geography. The minor provides students with knowledge and skills required to utilize GIS applications in their respective fields. Components of the program include data acquisition and management, spatial thinking and visualization, modeling and analytic methods and problem-solving using applied GIS technology. The minor is well-suited for students majoring in Urban and Regional Planning. A full description of this minor is included in the University Programs section of this catalog. Other minors may be of interest to planning students, especially the minor in Regenerative Studies.




      Urban and Regional Planning

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