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2015-2016 University Catalog 
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Finance, Real Estate, and Law

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Shady Kholdy-Sabety, Chair

Ekaterina Chernobai
F . Philip Ghazanfari
Eric J. McLaughlin
Majed Muhtaseb
Paul Sarmas
Ahmad Sohrabian
Libo Sun
Lin Tan
Gerd Welke
John B. Wyatt III
Wei Yu

Mission Statement

The FRL Department seeks to prepare undergraduate students in Finance, Real Estate, and Law and MBA students for careers in finance, real estate, and contract management with up-to-date curricula and instructional methods. In addition, the FRL Department provides all other students within the College of Business Administration and throughout the university with a variety of introductory and specialized courses in finance, real estate, business law, and contract management. The department is also committed to enhancing the intellectual capital of its faculty and maintaining strong links with business/government through research, writing, consulting, and participation in academic and professional meetings, and other development activities.

Students select one of the two emphasis areas that best meets their career objectives: Finance and Real Estate, or Business Law and Contract Management.

The Finance and Real Estate emphasis offers courses on the theory and methods of financial analysis and valuation, corporate financial management, the management of financial institutions, securities analysis, and multinational finance. The Real Estate emphasis focuses on real estate brokerage, mortgage lending, residential and commercial appraising, and real property investment/development.

The Business Law Program offers two specialties: Business Law and Contract Management.

The Business Law emphasis serves both as a highly-relevant pre-law major that enhances student knowledge and preparation for the rigors of law school graduate education, and as a significant specialized complement to general business and corporate management education and in future employment. Courses introduce, among other major topics, the American legal system and business dispute resolution, financial law, international business law, and corporate law and regulation.

The Contract Management emphasis helps to prepare students for law school and for careers as contract administrators and contract cost and price analysts. Contract management courses emphasize the study of American sales law, government contract practices, and analysis of important court decisions.

The Department offers four minors: Finance, Real Estate, Business Law, and Contract Management to non-FRL students

The minor in Real Estate is formulated to qualify the student with the requisite courses to sit for the real estate broker’s examination.

The minor in Finance is intended to complement other majors by providing non-finance majors with knowledge and skills in finance that enhance an individual’s ability to function as a productive member of any business organization and assist the organization to achieve its goals.

The minor in Business Law significantly enhances the student’s knowledge of today’s increasingly complex business, employment and regulatory environment. The minor offers important knowledge and insights concerning corporate law and regulation, international business law, real estate law and practice, and contract  management and law, in addition to providing substantial benefits to students who may later attend law school.

The minor in Contract Management provides sufficient skills and understanding of the principles to enable students to successfully manage commercial contracts, apply contract cost/price techniques, and undertake contract negotiations.

Please contact the Department Chair in Building 164, Room 2050 (909) 869-2350, or an FRL faculty advisor if you wish to explore any of the course offerings.

Course Requirement for the Finance, Real Estate, and Law Program 

Students must complete and earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in each of the following courses

before taking FRL 315 , FRL 367 , FRL 440  courses:

before taking FRL 330  

  • students need to pass TOM 302  with a C or better in addition to all the above prerequisite courses

Students must complete and earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in each of the following courses

before taking FRL 306  course:

Students must complete and earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in

FRL 301  and FRL 367  before taking FRL 440  course. 




      Finance, Real Estate, and Law

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