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2015-2016 University Catalog 
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Nasrollah Ahadiat, Chair

Nancy Fan
Magdy S. Farag
Sharyn Fisk
Hassan Hefzi
Robert L. Hurt
Mary Im
Fei Kang
Meihua Koo
Rose M. Martin
Hong S. Pak
David L. Rice
Anwar Y. Salimi

Vision Statement

Our vision is to continue to be recognized as a center of outstanding accounting education.

Mission Statement

Our mission is excellence in accounting education through teaching, enhanced by research and service. We lead and encourage students and working professionals in developing their abilities to use and integrate accounting information with other information to make better decisions, to thrive in their careers, and to continue life-long learning.

Accounting Education Program

The Accounting Department provides an education for students who wish to be management professionals with a thorough knowledge of the essential concepts of accounting and a strong background for students desiring professional careers in public, private, government, and not-for-profit accounting. The students specializing in accounting may select courses which will prepare them specifically for one or more of these career fields.

The accounting courses are taught in the framework of modern business complexity so that the students develop their decision-making skills in realistic environments and learn the wide range of ways in which the accountant’s skills are used to effectively manage an enterprise.

Prerequisite Core for Upper Division Accounting Program

Before enrolling in the upper-division courses in the Accounting Program, students in the accounting subplan are expected to have completed college-level courses in English, mathematics/statistics, economics, computers, business law, and introductory accounting.

Students must have earned a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in each of the identified lower-division courses before registering for ACC 304 . The identified courses are as follows:

ACC 207/207A  and ACC 208/208A  
EC 201  and EC 202  
ENG 103 , ENG 104 , ENG 107 , ENG 109 , or ENG 110  or (IGE 120 , IGE 121 , and IGE 122 ); and ENG 105 
FRL 201 , MAT 125 , STA 120  

Students in non-accounting majors/subplans are expected to have met the above requirements to the extent that the cited courses or their equivalents are included in the requirements of their major/subplan.

Department Policy on Academic Disqualification

The Accounting Department may disqualify students at the end of any quarter if either: (1 ) their overall GPA, Cal Poly Pomona GPA, or their subplan GPA is below a 2.0 by 7 grade points or more; or (2) more than one-third of the units taken during the past twelve-month period do not satisfy the degree requirements. Determination of the GPA in the subplan and proportion of courses taken to satisfy the degree requirements is the responsibility of the department.

The department adheres to all university policies including those regarding repeating courses. A course can be repeated no more than two times for a maximum of three attempts.






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