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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



David Kopplin, Interim Chair

Susan Ali
Rickey Badua
Janine Riveire
Isaac Schankler
Nadia Shpachenko
Eniko St. Clair
Jessie Vallejo
Evan Ware
Arthur Winer

The department offers a variety of coursework in academic and performance aspects of music that leads to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees. Courses are offered for the major and minor as well as for students with majors in other disciplines. The minor is designed for students in other disciplines who desire further experience in and knowledge of music. Contact department office personnel for guidance on the required course work in the minor.

The major in music provides the foundation for succeeding in music industry, teaching, composition, and performance careers. All students participate in ensemble performance and develop specialized knowledge within their options. Students wishing to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music must select one of two options: Music Industry Studies or General. The Music Education option in the Bachelor of Arts is being discontinued. Students wishing to earn the Bachelor of Music degree must choose among three options: Performance, Composition, or Pedagogy (Pre-credential). Students in the Performance option must also choose a sub-area from this list of 5: guitar, keyboard, classical instruments, voice, or commercial music (including instrumentalists and vocalists). The Pedagogy (Pre-credential) option is intended for those who wish to teach music in schools; it satisfies the “Subject Matter Competency” requirement for the Single Subject Credential in Music.




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