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    Cal Poly Pomona
  Dec 17, 2017
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, B.S. - Microbiology Subplan/Option: 180 units

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Offered by: College of Science, Biological Sciences Department

Biology Major

The Biology major with subplans in Botany, General Biology, Microbiology, and Zoology stresses a balance between the theoretical aspects of biology and actual experience in the field and laboratory. The variety of courses offered in a flexible curriculum provides an opportunity for a wide range of experience in biological sciences.

Microbiology Subplan

The offerings of this curriculum provide the student with a strong background in microbiology and hands-on laboratory training, as well as a preparation for graduate and professional schools in fields ranging from molecular to field biology. Completion of the core and specified upper division elective courses satisfies the prerequisites for acceptance into a one year Clinical Laboratory Scientist training program. The curriculum prepares prospective teachers for the secondary education credential. Graduate courses enable students to complete requirements for the community college credential. For those planning a career as a secondary school teacher a credential is required. Contact department office for additional information.

Required Support Courses: 67 units

The following major support courses should be used to satisfy the indicated GE requirements. If these courses are not used to satisfy GE, the total units to degree may be more than 180 units.

Elective Support Courses: 17-18 units

Select 17 or 18 units from the following:


* Required course for the admission to CLS programs
** Recommended course for the admission to CLS programs
# Required course for chemistry minor (CHM 301/301A  or CHM 304/304A  or CHM 311 )

Courses not listed may be acceptable following consultation with advisor.

General Education Requirements: 68 units

Students should consult the Academic Programs website for current information regarding this requirement. Unless specific courses are stated under Support Courses, please refer to the list of approved courses under General Education Requirements, Areas A through E.

Area A. Communication and Critical Thinking (12 units)

  1. Oral Communication
  2. Written Communication
  3. Critical Thinking

Area B. Mathematics and Natural Sciences (16 units)

  1. Physical Science
  2. Biological Science
  3. Laboratory Activity
  4. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
  5. Science and Technology Synthesis

Area C. Humanities (16 units)

  1. Visual and Performing Arts
  2. Philosophy and Civilization
  3. Literature and Foreign Languages
  4. Humanities Synthesis

Area D. Social Sciences (20 units)

  1. U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals
  2. History, Economics, and Political Science
  3. Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnic and Gender Studies
  4. Social Science Synthesis

Area E. Lifelong Understanding and Self-development (4 units)

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