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    Cal Poly Pomona
  Feb 19, 2018
2017-2018 University Catalog

Agriculture Specialist Credential

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Offered by: College of Education, Integrative Studies, Department of Education and the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

The primary function of the Agricultural Education program is the preparation of teachers of agricultural education for the public secondary schools of California.  Specialized pre-professional and professional courses are offered for undergraduate and graduate (fifth year) students.  Core courses in the Agriculture Specialist Credential program are listed below.

In addition to the B.S. in Agricultural Science, candidates preparing to teach agriculture must complete the requirements for the Single Subject Credential and the requirements for the Agricultural Specialist Credential.  The courses include:

Candidates for the Agriculture Specialist Credential are required to have a concentration of 27 units, including 9 upper division units in one area of agriculture.  This is generally completed in the undergraduate degree program.  A minimum of two years of verified work experience (3000 hours or more) in agriculture is also required.  A total of 45 graduate credit units are required for the Agricultural Specialist Credential.

The requirement for both the Single Subject and the Agricultural Specialist Credentials may be completed concurrently.  A limited number of courses may be taken at the undergraduate level.  Candidates should consult with the Agricultural Education program coordinator prior to enrolling in any courses to be used for credentialing purposes.

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