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    Cal Poly Pomona
  Nov 24, 2017
2017-2018 University Catalog

Business Administration, M.S. - Information Systems Auditing Subplan/Option

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The MSBA subplan in Information Systems Auditing is intended primarily for individuals with an interest in pursuing a career in IS auditing. The program is for business decision-makers, information systems technical specialists, information systems managers, and professionals in accounting, IS auditing, and other disciplines who wish to develop a better awareness of this field and how it can assist their organization. The objectives of the program are: to develop the ability to plan and conduct audits of the IS function; to develop the capability of reporting to management the findings reached; to prepare students for careers in the IS auditing profession; and to provide the necessary background for doctoral study and continued, self-directed study.


Due to the technical orientation of the IS Auditing subplan, a strong background in accounting and information systems is required. Before a student can be advanced to candidacy, deficiencies in any of the subject matter listed below must be removed.

Required units

 The program of study for the MSBA in IS Auditing will consist of 48 required units and 1-4 units of Terminal Option:

Terminal Option

Comprehensive Exam

Students are required to take the GBA 697 - Comprehensive Examination (1) . If a student does not pass the comprehensive exam, then they have two options: 1) take the comprehensive exam for a second and final time, or 2) complete a GBA 695 - Business Research Project (2-4) . Students who fail the comprehensive exam after two attempts will not receive their MSBA degree.

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