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    Cal Poly Pomona
  Jan 21, 2018
2017-2018 University Catalog

Computer Science

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Fang "Daisy" Tang, Acting Chair

Tingting Chen
Mohammad I. Husain
Sampath Jayarathna
Hao Ji
Robert W. Kerbs
Robert Ryan McCune
Amar Raheja
Craig A. Rich
Salam Salloum
Daisy F. Sang
Mandayam A. Srinivas
Yu Sun
Lan Yang
Gilbert Young

The Computer Science program blends practice and theory in both hardware and software, and it provides an excellent foundation in computer languages, computer architecture, large-scale system software and the design, analysis, and application of many types of algorithms. Success in mathematics is a good indicator for success in the Computer Science program. High school students planning to major in Computer Science should take as much math and science as possible. Entering freshmen who do not meet the prerequisites for the first year calculus sequence (MAT 114 , MAT 115 , MAT 116 ) should expect to take between one and three quarters longer to graduate. Transfer students should try to take two years of calculus, a year of physics and programming through data structures (equivalent to CS 140 , CS 141 , CS 240 , CS 241 ). Transfer students without this background should expect to take an additional year to finish the program.

Computer Science majors on probation or subject to disqualification for three or more quarters may be disqualified at the discretion of the department chair.

The department also offers a graduate program leading to the M.S. degree. Details are given for the Master of Science Program in Computer Science below and in the "Graduate Studies" section of the catalog.

Computer Science majors are invited to join the Computer Science Society (CSS) club and the local chapters of Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and IEEE.

The department's Bachelor of Science program in Computer Science is fully accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission/ABET (CAC/ABET).




      Computer Science

      For all CS courses with a prerequisite of MAT 105  and MAT 106 , MAT 112 , MAT 114 , MAT 115 , MAT 116 , MAT 214 , MAT 215 , or MAT 216 , the prerequisite may be satisfied by any of the subsequent MAT courses on this list.

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