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    Cal Poly Pomona
  Nov 24, 2017
2017-2018 University Catalog

English and Foreign Languages

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Liliane Fucaloro, Chair

Melissa D. Aaron
Marta Albála-Pelegrín
Alison Baker
Aaron DeRosa
Isabel M. Bustamante-Lopez
William C. Corley
Kent Dickson
John R. Edlund
Liliane M. Fucaloro
Barbara I. Gill-Mayberry
Olga Griswold
Dewey Hall
Noël Houck
Donald J. Kraemer, Jr.
Amalia Llombart
Da'an Pan
Kristin Prins
Edward L. Rocklin
Karen A. Russikoff
Anne B. Simpson
Lise-Hélène Smith
Faiza W. Shereen

The English and Foreign Languages Department offers programs in English and Spanish. In the Bachelor of Arts in English program, students may choose from two subplans: Literature and Language or English Education. Students in all programs are encouraged not only to improve verbal skills, but also to develop a fuller understanding of themselves and their culture.

Graduates are prepared to enter advanced-degree work in English, American Studies, or related areas. Additional opportunities exist in law, business management, journalism, and other fields welcoming those with a liberal education and communication skills.

The Literature and Language subplan offers intensive study in the language and literature of both Britain and the United States. The curriculum for the Literature and Language subplan is patterned as follows: in the freshman year courses in composition and in the methods of reading literature; in the sophomore year a broad survey of English and American literature and world literature; in the junior year a study of linguistics and the principal genres; and in the senior year relatively intensive work in individual authors or small groups of authors.

The second subplan, English Education, also offers intensive study of language and literature. Students are given thorough preparation for entrance into a secondary credential program in English. Students may also choose to minor in English.

The major in Spanish includes coursework in the areas of literature, linguistics, and culture as well as intermediate-level language study for both heritage speakers and second language learners. Graduates are prepared to enter single-subject teaching credential programs, translation/interpretation, and graduate study in Spanish linguistics or literature. Additional opportunities exist in social work, speech pathology, law, law enforcement, nutrition, and other fields. The major and minor in Spanish prepare students to communicate in Spanish, appreciate more fully the cultural heritage of the Southwest, and communicate with increasing Hispanic populations.

The minors in Spanish, French, and Chinese Studies prepare students for participation in a diverse, globalized world, enhancing employment possibilities in students' major fields. Minors in languages consist of 24 units evenly divided between the intermediate and advanced levels. The Department offers a certificate program in German consisting of 16 units at the 200-level or above. The Department also offers a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) to prepare graduates to teach English domestically or abroad. These minors and certificates are open to all majors, including English.

The department offers elementary and intermediate language sequences in French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. Language placement: The department offers placement examinations to assist students in determining their level of language proficiency and placing them in the correct language section.

Courses in English composition and literature serve the general university community. These include study in English as a second language and in the literature-language aspects of Asian-American, African-American, Latino, and Native-American Studies. The graduate program in English is listed separately.

The Rho Xi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honor society, is open to upper division English majors if they have completed two or more English courses beyond freshman composition with a 3.0 average and if they rank in the upper one-third of their class overall.

A 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in core courses, including subplan courses, in order to receive a degree in the major.




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