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    Cal Poly Pomona
  Dec 16, 2017
2017-2018 University Catalog

Liberal Studies

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Christina Chávez-Reyes, Chair

Estela G. Ballón
Karen S. Langlois
Teresa Lloro-Bidart

The major in Liberal Studies offers a diversified curriculum for those who are attracted to an interdisciplinary program of study. The purposes of Liberal Studies are twofold: (1) to provide the undergraduate preparation for students to teach in the public elementary schools of California, and (2) to prepare students for graduate work in such fields as law; or for work in business, human services, government, and public relations; or to pursue intellectual fulfillment for its own sake.

Two main subplans are available. The first is a baccalaureate curriculum preparation for the teaching credential program called the Pre-credential subplan. General Studies subplan is a flexible program of study for students that assures a breadth of education and provides opportunity for emphasis in an area of one's choice; this option is currently the best for most students, even those wishing to be teachers. There are three remaining subplans on the quarter system that are not recommended for students entering starting Fall 2017, as they will be discontinued on the semester program. These are the baccalaureate curriculum preparation for teaching with a bilingual Spanish focus, and two (English only and bilingual Spanish) BA/credential subplans.

For students interested in teaching, admission to the Teacher Education Program is by separate application, usually in the senior year or as a post-baccalaureate or graduate student. Students choosing a career in education should consult with the Credential Services Office in CEIS for entrance requirements for the credential program. Future teachers are also advised that the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) should be taken in their junior year to appropriately address possible deficiencies prior to graduation or application to the Teacher Education program. Students taking either Bilingual subplan should consult with the BCLAD advisor in the CEIS Credential Services Office to ensure that they have the proper coursework and experience to meet the credentialing requirements in this area. Teacher candidates also have the responsibility to pass the CSET examination, as well as other requirements. Contact the CEIS Credential Services Office or the Liberal Studies Department office for details, as teacher education requirements are subject to change.

The curriculum for those wishing to be teachers includes discipline areas of language and literature, mathematics, science, social science/history, humanities, the visual and performing arts, physical education and human development. Students must have a grade of C or better in each class to graduate in any of the teacher preparation subplans. (This does not apply to the General Studies subplan.) Students interested in teaching after graduating in Liberal Studies may choose either the Education Specialist Credential Program or the Multiple Subject Credential Program if they meet the requirements -- please see Credential Services Office for details.

For students choosing the General Studies subplan, elective courses may be used to satisfy all or part of the requirements for a minor in another subject, an additional major, or a diversified series of courses tailored to the student's own interests. These students should seek frequent assistance from college advisors to make certain they are meeting requirements for graduation and to determine appropriate course work and activities to prepare for graduate school or their field of interest. This subplan is also the most flexible for students pursuing a teaching career.

Advising: There are two types of advising for Liberal Studies majors: curriculum advising and career/personal advising. For curriculum advising - which deals with what classes to take and related issues - Liberal Studies majors will see the College Academic Advisor, Ms. Berlinda Crawford or Mrs. Marlene Melinte. Call 909-869-3567 for an appointment, which are made only a week in advance. There are special days for drop-in advising, which can be found at along with other important advising news and resources. CEIS also has Peer Advisors, Ethnic and Women Studies and Liberal Studies majors trained to help their peers manage basic advising issues. See for more information.

Liberal Studies students are highly encouraged to see a College Academic Advisor at least twice per year. Students, who are also responsible for their progress to degree completion, should keep accurate and careful records and become well informed about degree requirements. Getting advising requires advanced planning since it is physically impossible for all Liberal Studies majors to have curriculum advising appointments during the few weeks of official "advising" and "preregistration" periods set by the University. The department expects Liberal Studies students to active in tracking their progress and being knowledge about graduation and major requirements, and to work collaborative with advisors to achieve degree completion and preparation for work life. Appointments are scheduled throughout the year, including summer.

For career/personal advising, each Liberal Studies major are highly encouraged to meet with their assigned Liberal Studies Faculty Advisor. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors at least once a year to discuss career path, including graduate school, and the progress alignment of undergraduate courses, co-curricular experiences and requirements to prepare for that career before graduate. Faculty will also refer students to other university resources (e.g. Career Center) to seek advice or information about their desired career.

Below is the alphabetical distribution of students per each faculty advisor:

Estela Ballón - Professor
Faculty Advisor to Liberal Studies Students with Last Names from A-Es

Christina Chávez-Reyes - Professor
Faculty Advisor to Liberal Studies Students with Last Names from Eu-Lo

Karen S. Langlois - Professor
Faculty Advisor to Liberal Studies Students with Last Names from Lu-Re

Teresa Lloro-Bidart - Assistant Professor 
Faculty Advisor to Liberal Studies Students with Last Names from Ri-Z 

The department also has a Career Center Counselor and Liaison, Dr. Cheryl Love, who advises in the college a few times a week. Appointments can be scheduled by calling the Liberal Studies Office (909) 869-3567.




      Liberal Studies

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