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    Cal Poly Pomona
  Dec 16, 2017
2017-2018 University Catalog

Computer Information Systems

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Daniel P. Manson, Chair

Gregory Carlton
Steven S. Curl
Ruth Guthrie
Drew C. Hwang
Zhongming Ma
Carlos Navarrete
Ronald E. Pike
Larisa Preiser-Houy
Mohammad Salehan
Sonya Zhang

Vision Statement

We provide our students with the education to become Information Technology leaders. Our cutting-edge, career-focused programs and learn-by-doing teaching will make our graduates recognized nationally for their outstanding Information Technology expertise, innovative problem-solving ability, and effective interpersonal and communication skills.

Mission Statement

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department educates students for successful careers as information technology professionals. The CIS program is recognized both regionally and nationally. Faculty have top academic credentials and industry experience and are committed to quality teaching and to working with students on relevant research that strengthens professional IT practice and teaching. In keeping with Cal Poly Pomona's unique polytechnic approach to education, CIS students learn both theory and current practice in a strong, common core and in specialized courses. Using a hands-on, learn-by-doing approach, students apply cutting-edge technologies and problem-solving approaches to course projects and real-world problems. The result is graduates who are ready to excel in the technology-driven business world.

Department Policy on Academic Disqualification

The Computer Information Systems Department may disqualify students with a subplan in Computer Information Systems at the end of any quarter if either: (1) their overall GPA, Cal Poly Pomona GPA, or their subplan GPA is below a 2.0 by 7 grade points or more, or (2) more than one-third of the units taken during the past twelve-month period do not satisfy the degree requirements. Determination of the GPA in the subplan and proportion of courses taken to satisfy the degree requirements is the responsibility of the department.

Further, the department has an additional policy on satisfactory progress. Specifically, if students fail to complete a Computer Information Systems course required of all CIS students with a grade of C or better, they will have an advising hold placed on their records. For this purpose, a "W" does not count as a try, but a "U" does. To release the hold, students must see the Department's academic advisor. Students who do not achieve a grade of C or better in a required CIS course in two attempts (with the exception of CIS 466) will be disqualified from the CIS major.




      Computer Information Systems

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